Marilyn C. McMahon, RN

A1 Tiny Tots Nanny & Sitting Services was started in 1965 by Marilyn McMahon. She is a Registered Nurse in Missouri (License Number: 045737) and Michigan and Certified Teacher for Kindergarten through the 12th grade. Her graduate studies are in Counseling and Guidance, Administration, and Work with Exceptional Children. She is the mother of two extraordinary daughters and has personally foster cared for over 60 children! It is not uncommon for her to provide second-generation childcare.

Through the years, Marilyn has provided professional, custom, and reliable child, elderly, special needs, and emergency care services for the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. She ran a licensed daycare from 1965-1986 in Independence, Missouri. She provided private childcare services at the Carriage Club in Kansas City, Missouri, near the Plaza from 2000-2007.

Marilyn is currently enjoying semi-retirement, but feel free to give her a call to see what she can do for you!

A1 Tiny Tots Nanny & Sitting Services

A1 Tiny Tots Nanny & Sitting Services has provided many families in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area with professional, reliable, and personal nannies. Most of these nannies become a part of the family.

Only the most qualified, dedicated, and dependable nannies are placed. Marilyn takes great care to personalize the nanny selection experience, making sure to visit in the private homes of the prospective nanny, doing background checks, making sure that they have the proper education, and collecting autobiographical information. Some nannies even travel with their families.

A1 Tiny Tots Nanny & Sitting Services specializes in child, elderly, and special care needs of all kinds, including sick, last minute, full-time, part-time, occasional, and groups. Naturally, the providers are insured, CPR and First Aid certified and are mature, professional, and trustworthy with continuing education.

We serve many local congregations, churches, and hotels. Individuals, corporations, and groups (such as ceremonies, weddings, and parties) are especially popular. New babies, overnights, vacations, and last minutes are no problem!

A1 Tiny Tots Nanny & Sitting Services specializes in providing childcare for large groups of children, especially conventions.

A1 Tiny Tots Nanny & Sitting Services has also provided high-quality childcare for International Artists, Stars, Musicians, and Performers, such as Paul McCartney.

Recently we provided childcare for the wedding reception of former KC Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson.

Outstanding care, activities, crafts, entertainment, and outings are provided for these groups to delight the children, to satisfy the parents, and to increase attendance at the conventions for the group functions.

You can expect the very best from us!

 Our clients have included:

…And many others!